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Great moments in delusional press releases

If I were to walk up to you and say

“…is the leader in mixed martial arts content as proven by the huge demand for their programming around the world. They have the world’s best fighters, the world’s best events and they know how to translate that into fast-paced programming that captures what will soon be the most popular sport in the world,”

…what would you use to fill the ellipsis?  ‘Well,’ I imagine you saying (you’re very well educated, as evidenced by your perusal of Fightlinker), ‘I’d probably go with the organization with the vast majority of top twenty fighters in every weight class, the highest selling PPV’s in the history of the sport and multiple cable outlets – unless, of course, I was actively involved in shilling for another organization and I just bought a bunch of their shit to sell.  Then I’d say them.  Otherwise, though, Zuffa all the way.’

Well, aren’t you accurate.  And you look like you’ve lost weight, too.  Have you lost weight?  Well either way, you look great.  And you’re completely right, as this statement came from the president of Shine International, which is now spearheading Strikeforce’s much-anticipated invasion of the Ukrainian market.  To be fair, the deal also includes market entry for Strikeforce’s video library into the UK, Italy, Portugal and Australia, but man, saying ‘the world’s best fighters, the world’s best events’ a scant three days after the Miami card takes some serious balls.  He must have specially fitted pants in which to conceal these massive testicles.  Maybe a wheelbarrow.

Or it’s a laughably absurd statement put out by a guy trying to make money.  Which never happens in mixed martial arts.

Seriously though, dear reader, keep doing what you’re doing.  You must work out.