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Gray thinks he talked his way out of a shot

Gray Maynard thinks he’s figured out why he didn’t get a shot at BJ before Frankie, and why he’s odd man out again in the Frankie / BJ / Gray title triangle:

“I came from [wrestling] where it was a tournament, everytime you win you go ahead,” said Maynard, who wrestled collegiately at Michigan State. “There’s no talking involved. So I didn’t really understand that deal.”

Maynard said it started to dawn on him at the start of 2010 as a potential Penn title fight developed on the horizon. That shot was between himself and Edgar. Maynard now says he needed to be a lot more aggressive with the media and the promotion before his fight against Nate Diaz. But Maynard didn’t want to look ahead and didn’t want to get down on his knees and beg for his shot.

“I needed to be out there saying ‘I want Penn, I want Penn, I want Penn,” admits Maynard.

It probably has less to do with what he is or isn’t saying and more to do with what he’s showing in the cage. His last fight – an unimpressive razor thin win over Nate Diaz – is the more likely culprit. And this isn’t just because Nate was more definitively beaten by non-contenders Joe Stevenson and Clay Guida – it’s also because those Diaz losses were fights of the night yet Maynard managed to turn his bout into a snoozer. Another snoozer. The latest in a long line of snoozers. So yes, perhaps in that context perhaps ‘I want Penn, I want Penn, I want Penn’ will work … as an alarm clock to wake us up after his fights.