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Gray Maynard got screwed, redux

Remember that time Gray Maynard knocked himself out slamming Rob Emerson? Everyone said it was no big deal because everyone knew who really won the fight … but it turned out Maynard got screwed in another way:

After a strong showing in the first round, Maynard used the first minute of round two to pick Emerson up and deliver a powerful body slam. In the process of hurting his opponent, the move caused Maynard to sustain a simultaneous, self-inflicted head injury. And although Emerson appeared to have tapped, judges declared Maynard unconscious and the match a no contest.

“At the time I was real pissed,” he said. “You train hard, you put a lot into it, and you go in there and want to win so badly. And then Emerson tapped, so it was like, ‘Give me the win – and my money!’ But what do you do? You get over it and get back in the gym and keep training.”

Damn, that sucks. I can understand why the money wouldn’t show up on the NSAC pay list, but you’d figure Daddy Dana would throw some green Maynard’s way on account of getting fucked over.