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Gravitational Pull

Press swarming Fedor immediately after the press conference

Tim Sylvia being interviewed (Taken seconds after the previous photo of Fedor)

You’ll probably read about the Affliction press conference from official releases tomorrow. While I won’t be able write on what was said at the conference (I’m not great at taking notes while shooting), I did notice something fascinating about the pull of each fighter on either side of the main event.

I unfortunately did not shoot wide enough to show how close in proximity both parties are, but Tim Sylvia is actually staring over just a few feet away at the media swirling around Fedor Emelianenko during his own interview.

The large amorphous cloud of reporters around “The Last Emperor” remained that size for at least half an hour after the press conference.

Pictures from the rest of the press conference are here, including this one of Aleksander Emelianenko looking very Eastern Promises.

Side note: Affliction gave away these shirts to members of the press. I received one as well. The collar and bottom hem are carefully ripped. I would probably wouldn’t sport it unless it looked like Kent’s, but it is still a rather generous gesture.