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Grappling Dummies Vol. 2

Our friend Matt Benyon wears many hats – Martial Farts blogger, Fightlinker contributor, Scramble Stuff store runner guy, and Grappling Dummies video creator. Grappling Dummies is his BJJ video show and it’s quite pimp. Volume 2 has just come out and includes:

* Training at Paraestra Hakata, Fukuoka
* Technique from Kenshi Tomari, black belt under Yuki Nakai and Leo Vieira – “Dakko Sweep”
* Visiting a special, business-oriented temple to pray for a prosperous new year
* Training at Tri Force Kojimachi, Tokyo
* Two techniques from Ishikawa Yuki, one of the top BJJ competitors in Asia – “Pass against deep half guard” , “Side triangle / kimura”
* Some footage showing all the cool MMA and BJJ shopping you can do in the city where I lived, Fukuoka
* Lots of footage of me getting tooled by some smooth-flippin’ Japanese BJJ experts

Matt’s a funny guy and it comes through in the video. Give it 5 minutes and I bet you’ll be hooked!