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GracieFighter is breaking all the big news

Cesar Gracie has been on a tear lately! First was his explosive statement that Phil Baroni was possibly off the Strikeforce card. Then there was a challenge issued from Nick Diaz to Frank Shamrock. Now his website is coming atcha with a double whammy: Mauricio Shogun Rua is off the UFC76 card with a knee injury and Brazilian Top Team is falling apart.

We’d mentioned a while back that BTT wasn’t doing too well, and if there’s someone out there dickish enough to tell it like it really is, it’s Cesar Gracie. So I’m willing to believe that account. On the other hand, didn’t that whole Phil Baroni thing turn out to be bullshit? Hmmm, maybe not. Here’s an interview from an Phil’s agent after the fight:

“I don’t know if you guys knew this but the weigh-ins were Thursday and Monday he was informed by the CSAC that he wasn’t going to fight because additional medicals were mandated that he didn’t have time to do. So what he did was left Las Vegas on Monday – flew to Northern California and went through a battery of tests. Flew back to Vegas – flew then to Southern California for an additional battery of tests, I know because I drove him and we camped out at Dr. Gloveson’s (?) office at 6 AM in the morning because Phil couldn’t sleep he was so anxious to get over there. He went through an additional battery of tests there – flew back to Vegas and ultimately up to San Jose so at the day of the weigh-ins he was finally physically cleared to fight.”

So it looks like Cesar was relatively on the money when he stated Phil Baroni was having massive CSAC issues. I wouldn’t discount this Shogun news too quickly … my bet is that Shogun *did* injure his knee, but it’s not known how serious it is yet.