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Gracie Fighting Championships is fucked.

I don’t know if it can get any worse for Gracie Fighting Championships. With all the problems they’ve been having, the only possible explanation is some sort of vile gypsy curse. The latest woe to befall GFC is the loss of yet another fighter, some unknown guy named Jeff Monson who was headlining the show or something. This marks the 513th time graphic designers have had to go back and change all the promotional material for this show. At this point, the only original guys from the main card left are Emo-Fonz lookalike Thomas Denny and grappler Ronaldo Jacare. If I was a ticket buyer I’d be fucking pissed. This is like buying Fruit Loops and finding out the box is full of All Bran.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more changes to the GFC card, followed by the canceling of the entire show, followed by the ritual seppuku of the show’s promoters.