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Goulet versus Mike ‘not so quick any more’ Swick

Did you know that Jonathan Goulet has a demon eye? Yep, it’s true. He was at the XMMA event doing french commentary and we got to hang out with him after the event. We shared a few Bud Lights, which induced in me a secret squee of fanboy joy but the outward appearance of cool.

Goulet mentioned he was going to be fighting Mike Swick at that UFC for the Troops event, and if I’d remembered to post about it, we could have gotten to put one of those OMFG EXKLUSIVES!!!11one headers in our blog title for once. But every time the topic of Goulet came up, the only thing I could remember was his eye.

The good news is it’s not an injury and it’s always been like that. He does a decent job of making it unnoticeable most of the time, but here’s a picture where you can see it. It kinda looks like someone broke the yolk on a sunny side up egg and it kinda dribbled down. Except instead of the yolk, it’s his freaking pupil.

Anyways, back to Jonathan’s upcoming bout. He’ll be facing off against Mike Swick, who hasn’t looked very quick lately. He stunk up an Ultimate Fight Night and then lay’n’prayed Marcus Davis in the UK. If there was ever a time to fight him, it’s now. I’m still not sure Goulet will beat him … if Swick returns to letting his hands go, there could be trouble. It’s pretty hard to train at ‘Getting gooder at eating punches to the face’, and that’s pretty much what Jonathan needs to worry about in this fight.