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Gossip Time!

I can’t keep track of Ali Sonoma’s love life. She’s fucking mysterious as hell, telling us one minute that she’s dating Diego Sanchez and the next telling us she’s just good friends with him. Well, if her model mayham profile is any indication, it looks like it’s back on.

Current Schedule:
Feb. 18-23 London-UFC Sanchez vs. Stevenson (my boyfriend’s fight!)
Mar 4-8 Columbus, Ohio Arnold Classic
April 17-19 Denver, CO Jay Kilgore workshop featuring me

I think the two are a perfect match anyways. They are both freaky for Jesus, and I’ve got 100 bucks that says that they’ve had sex in church at least once. Ali dating Diego also means that maybe she can be coxed into coming back as a ring girl for the UFC. I don’t know about you guys, but I miss her perfect ass. Come back to us, Ali, before the ravages of age hit you! Thanks to jackal SanSan for the info!