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Goran Reljic, protector of the seas

Goran Reljic looked pretty badass in his UFC debut at UFC 84, knocking Wilson Gouveia down a weight class and winning fight of the night honors. But that’s nothing compared to this badass story sent to me by Robert from Free Fight Videos:

UFC fighter Goran Reljic risks own life to rescues two men

A crash that almost killed two young men on the 15th of October at round 3am could have had disastrous consequences when the two young men, both from Privlaka, spun and crashed into the sea.

Thankfully both men survived, due to the brave actions of Goran Reljica, the Croatian ultimate fighter, who resides in the immediate vicinity of the town in question.

When he heard the crash, Goran jumped out of bed, still in his underwear and jumped into the sea.

He swam to the car, proceeded to brake the windshield of the vehicle and pull both men to land. Several eyes witness accounts confirm the story and so does Goran himself who doesn’t want any praise or recognition for the good deed.

“The only satisfaction I get is that both young men are alive and healthy, I don’t need any praise, I simply did what anyone one would have done in that situation” said Reljic.

You know it’s a bad accident when your car ends up in the fucking sea. The only thing worse is somehow ending up in the ocean. Fortunately, if that happens, you apparently have a 22% chance that Goran Reljic will bust through your windshield to pull you out.

Original story here … again thanks to Robert at Free Fight Videos for the translation.