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Goodridge vs Butterbean is still happening

I figured the whole “Gary Goodridge out of YAMMA” situation was a bit fishy. After all, it was basically the promoter for another event making the announcement … who the fuck does that kind of shit??? And lo and behold, it looks like that promoter was full of crap, as Gary passed the word on via some people on Cage Potato that he is most definitely fighting Butterbean on April 11th.

Whew, thank God. Now we can all get back to our normal lives knowing this fight will still happen. Quite frankly, I haven’t been able to eat or sleep since word came out about this whole thing!

  • realmaanalyst says:

    So a bunch of posters on a blog site named Cage Potato are more credible than a promoter who is in a dispute with a fighter who says the fighter’s manager told him said fighter is not fighting in an event…..riiiiggghhht

    Did I tell you Fedor signed with the UFC??
    I train with fedor and my buddy manages him. His name is Vadim.

  • Well, we can wait and see who’s right :-)