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Good signs / Bad signs

Trying to figure out if your favorite fighters are going to suck or not tonight? A quick look into the news might give you some more info on that subject. Let’s see what might be affecting guys in the cage at UFC 128.

Kurt Pellegrino: With all the attention focused on Shogun Rua’s knee issues, barely anyone has mentioned that Kurt is returning from a torn ACL as well. Sometimes when an athlete battles back from a bad injury to return early, it’s inspirational. Other times it’s a recipe for disaster. The prognosis from doctors was that Pellegrino would be out for at least a year. He’s coming back 8 months later. We know the mind is willing but can the body deliver?

Brendan Schaub: The specter of overtraining reared it’s ugly head during Brendan’s preparations for Mirko Crocop. According to Schaub himself, things fell apart ‘several weeks out’ from the fight, leading his camp to force a training break on the heavy hitting heavyweight. How much a three day break helps reset things will be something we’ll have to see on Saturday night. Schaub may have tried his best to prepare himself for the biggest fight of his life, only to have that backfire and actually hurt his performance.

Nate Marquardt: Every so often, we get to see the Nate Marquardt who really deserves his ‘Nate the Great’ nickname. Remember when he pulled off a Killer Instinct level combo on Wilson Gouveia? Or the time he almost ripped Jeremy Horn’s head off with a guillotine from hell? Then there are times where he fights like a fuckin’ bum. The Chael Sonnen and Yushin Okami fights come to mind.

Which Nate will show up against Dan Miller? Whichever Nate his coaches have programmed. The good news is these coaches have admitted they screwed the pooch on his past fights. During a recent media supertour to get out from under Greg Jackson’s shadow, coach Trevor Wittman took ‘full responsibility’ for the Okami fight, saying their counter-striking gameplan didn’t work and they had no plan B to fall back on. Whatever they cobble together for last minute replacement Dan Miller, let’s hope at least they keep some B, C, and D ideas up their sleeves. Maybe one of these will actually be ‘let your hands go, be aggressive and kick some ass.’

Mike Pyle: Mike must have gotten sick of his rep as a monster in the gym who just couldn’t put it together in the cage. He’s now put together a two fight win streak including a trouncing of hot prospect John Hathaway where I started to see what all the hype was about. Will he be able to keep moving up against Ricardo Almeida. According to most people, it all depends on Kyle’s head. And to insure that his head is in the right place, he’s been spending a decent amount of time with a sports psychologist.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Kurt cant even read ACL so he is good to go

    I bet if Schaub loses he will blame it on the knee and Cro Cop will get a title shot, Dana will pet his cat in his secret lair.

    I wonder if Pyle goes to the same shrink as GSP?

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    I hope shaub and jones both get knocked the fuck out. Just because they are cocky faggots, Jones more so than shaub. How do you go around signing your name as the champ when you’re not? And to say you are “alistiar overeem with better wrestling and jiu jitsu” is ridiculous. Do you really think you can strike as well as the best hw kick boxer in the world? I always knew Jones was like this, but he took it to a whole new level this fight.

  • shillyer says:

    dude it is just a sports psychology thing. I tell people I already one some grappleing tournement or write down and put a pole vualting hight is my spikes 

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    There is a difference between confidence and this. Confidence is one of the biggest aspects of a fight–you have to believe you are going to win without a shadow of a doubt when you go into almost any competition. But there is a difference between knowing you are going to win, and signing your name as Campion. That is just plain disrespect to shogun.

  • Jim says:

    For Schaub to lose, Crocop would have to win. Really don’t see that happening.

  • gerg says:

    Or Crocop could get kicked in the balls or poke someone in the eye…?

  • glassjawsh says:

    @ hyhypt – or once again your pride nuthuggery has blinded you to reality

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    There was zero disrespect to shogun in his words. They asked him how he felt going into the fight, and he was already thinking about winning.

    “I’m thinking about losing in crippling fashion and living my formerly-highly-hyped life out life as a laundromat manager.”

    C’mon man. Shogun was once highly-hyped before he proved the hype valid. This kid just has a better toolset and better genetics. He too will be beaten. All men fall.