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Good show, bad photos.


So I finally got ringside at Affliction and I was so pumped!   However, Affliction thinks it is necessary to have a five foot apron (platform) around their ring for the cameramen (despite them only needing 20 inches) so us photographers have lovely images with lots of ropes in them.   See?

LC Davis clocks Bao Quach

It would be amazing if not for the ropes.   Sigh.

It’s not fair of me to whine considering I got to sit only feet from where Fedor KO’d Arlovski.   The event, though downsized, was smoother and honestly, better than the last time.   Despite the lack of red confetti, I felt that Affliction took a lot of the critiques from the last round and actually applied them here.   Why EliteXC never figured out that they didn’t need dancers and just needed simple, cute girls to hold cards and never ever dance, I can’t figure.   Been reading some of the comments on the other posts and just to respond with what I heard at the post fight press conference, Arlovski admitted that it was stupid of him to go for that knee against his corner’s wishes.

Arlovski on his way down

He kept saying stupid knee to himself and to us.   So yes, Arlovski knew (in retrospect, of course) that it was a dumb thing to do.   Fedor was asked if he prepared for Arlovski’s flying knees and Fedor responded that he didn’t prepare for Arlovski’s in particular, but that it was   a scenario they always train for, an automatic response for Fedor to throw that punch when attacked with a flying knee.


Poor Dan Lauzon’s balls.   Don’t know if the last one really landed but I was told by the man next to me, “Sometimes, you just think about it and the pain comes back.”   I don’t doubt that Lauzon was in pain.   Perhaps the last one was a toe grazing on his cup but after two hits to the balls, the boys are bound to be frightened.

I too thought Matt Lindland was dead.   And though I didn’t have much choice with ropes in shot, I did decide to just experiment a bit more with my lens choice so you’ll see some fun little things like this and this:

Josh Barnett walkout

I have a lot of photos to go through but I’m starting to get cross-eyed.   Hope none of you spotted me picking my nose on TV.   Here’s the first go through of my photos. I’ll scour them again in the morning and add to this set: