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Good news / Bad news

You know you’re a jaded bastard when the UFC comes to your city – nay, country! – for only the second time ever, and all you can do is bitch about the shitty main event. That’s exactly the position I’m in now that rumors are flowing that the UFC will come back to Montreal in April. The main event? Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites.

I have no idea what kind of cookie Dana White offered Silva to accept a fight that he reportedly refused to go along with at UFC 95, but I hope it’s some kind of ironclad promise that future bouts won’t be so goddamn shitty. While I have come to the conclusion on my thinking throne (aka the toilet) that Anderson’s demise will come in the form of a jiu jitsu expert, you can probably tell I don’t think Leites is the guy to do it.

And for those of you who are excited because you think the UFC will add Georges St Pierre onto the card and make all your dreams come true, I’d say get ready for a disappointment. The UFC knows that Montreal would sell out at the drop of a hat with CB Dollaway vs Steve Cantwell headlining, so I’m betting they’re dumping this sham of a title match on us and saving GSP for a more discerning crowd that isn’t so willing to bend over and take whatever odds and ends up the butt that Zuffa has lying around at the time.

Oh well, it could be worse. We could have been New Jersey’d.