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Good news and bad news on EliteXC’s Nov 8th card

(remember him?)

Some small changes to EliteXC’s November 8th card: Brett Rogers (yeah, I’d forgotten he existed too) has been added to the card, and Rafael Feijao’s fight probably won’t be for the light heavyweight belt.

Why not? Because the best EliteXC could find for Feijao was Cyrille Diabate, and Cyrille was like “Hells to the no!” … a smart decision for sure considering his weaksauce performance against Jaime Fletcher. And while EliteXC had no problem finding a ringer to come in and lose to Bigfoot Silva for the heavyweight belt, maybe they want Feijao to have a somewhat legitimate title reign.

As for Brett Rogers, he hasn’t fought since June for some reason, and I guess someone at his management company gave EliteXC a call and said “Hey, remember us? Now that you don’t have to protect half your heavyweights from Brett anymore, how about a fight?” EliteXC can be so dumb sometimes … they always talk about wanting to build up new stars yet they’ve let a bona fide heavyweight knockout artist languish on the shelf for nearly half a year.

The Brett news is good, the Feijao news not so much, but the other shitty news is that to make room for Brett we’re no longer going to get to see the Sarah Kaufman vs Kaitlin Young fight.