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Many MMA fans got their hopes when there was talk that Dana White was off for a week making some sort of network television deal, but now we know that was just for the Yahoo! online agreement. Which was lame yesterday when I first read it, and is now just laughably pathetic in the face of the big EliteXC / CBS deal.

  • IanBman says:

    Why are you more interested in trying to make this story about UFC than writing about the fact that there could be a viable #2 promotion?

  • Boondock says:

    See what happens when you have a fucktard as the main man for a company? UFC is 100 times better then EliteXC but Elite got the deal… What The Fuck does that say about dealing with Dana “The Cocksucker” White!??
    Nobody wants to work with the son of a bitch and other companies are gonna reap the benefits of the MMA boom instead of the one who created it. All because of one ignorant arrogant pigheaded little fuck.

    Please Jebus let Dana find a cure for his diaper rash.

  • Trol says:

    Dana White’s ego will drive the UFC under.

  • IanBman says:

    Did you guys notice that CBS now owns a piece of Elite XC. Don’t you think that part of the reason that UFC didn’t sign with CBS is because they wouldn’t sell them a piece of the company?
    Typical of people in the MMA community to attack Dana when they have no clue what they’re talking about.