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Good event, bad promotion

So now the internet is split between hailing EliteXC’s second show as a good step in the right direction and setting up the death watch because the ratings bombed. In between both, a few people have taken a closer look at the corrections and issues that EliteXC made and here’s some of the more interesting shit that’s been pointed out (mostly via Jordan Breen and Michael Rome, who should create an ugly baby of infinite MMA wisdom together)

  • The show suffered for not having Gary Shaw around to say stupid shit to hype things up.
  • EliteXC blew their chance to make this event a ‘commercial’ for their October show by not having fights set up for Kimbo and Gina to promote.
  • EliteXC sold less tickets for this event than an independant Stockton promoter who threw an event featuring Nick Diaz back in 2006.
  • CBS ads promoting the event were placed in dead zones like during Price is Right reruns.
  • The show went head to head against Margarito/Cotto on the west coast, one of the biggest fights of the year.
  • Past a quick mention from the broadcast team, there was barely any mention of the Diaz/Noons rivalry that would def. raise major interest from the average fan

The best summation wasn’t in what problems they made for themselves but rather the problems they’re still going to face even when they get everything else right. From J.Breen again:

CBS and EliteXC have legitimate problems to worry about in the future. They have a hectic schedule for the remainder of 2008 with a thin roster. They have few contendership possibilities for their middleweight champion Robbie Lawler (Pictures) and their heavyweight champion Antonio Silva (Pictures), and virtually none for their welterweight champion, Jake Shields (Pictures). Gina Carano (Pictures) can’t make weight, and Kimbo Slice may not be as ready-for-primetime as previously thought. A promotion with these very real issues on their horizon should be fighting their problems, not themselves.