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Gonzaga Out: Dos Santos/Velasquez, plz

More great fucking news about the fucking wonderful fucking time that has been the last fucking half of 2000 and fucking 9:

Sources with the UFC confirmed that Gabriel Gonzaga is off the [108] card because of staph infection.

Is there some kind of super staph that only lives in Brazil/affects Brazilians that train in Massachusetts that I’m unaware of?  I still think an interim belt is stupid, seeing as how Lesnar may be able to compete within a year of his last defense if he can get healthy by July.  Carwin seems to prefer waiting until Brock is healthy – and who can blame him? – and Cain has been talking and acting hungry since the moment he got done dominating Ben Rothwell.

Easy solution here – Cofield and I concur on this one: JDS has lost an opponent to staph.  So too has Cain (Big Nog apparently decided not to hobble his unready-to-perform ass into a big fight two straight years).  It’s not as if the loser of this fight goes to the back of the line – rather, you set the loser (cough Dos Santos cough) up against Napao when he’s healthy.  It’s a shame that the wounded roster of UFC heavyweights (Lesnar, Carwin, Nog, Gonzaga, Duffee) compares with the healthy one (Mir, Cain, JDS, Kongo, Struve), but really, who else for these two?  It’s an excellent fight, and if an interim title does have to be awarded, then the winner of this fight vs. Carwin should fit the bill sometime next year.  Meanwhile, I’m hopping on a plane to Brasilia and applying for mat-mopping jobs.  Clearly, there is a dearth of that skill in that particular market.