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Gono eats it hardcore

Sengoku 9 was a hilarious misadventure of tournament fail and judging retardation. But the cherry on the wreckage of World Victory Road’s best laid plans was Dan Hornbuckle knocking out Akihiro Gono in spectacular fashion … retribution for Gono skimping on an elaborate entrance, if you ask me. You can watch the video above. The price:

Gono was stretchered out several minutes later, and post-event reports from the hospital claimed the Grabaka fighter had been diagnosed with a concussion, possible brain hemorrhaging and damage to his neck from landing awkwardly on the ropes. While Gono will be kept overnight for observation, he was reported to be alert and coherent.

And just one more for reference, here’s how Gono looked for over two and a half minutes after the kick: