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Gomi will fight at Affliction Trilogy

Takanori Gomi has signed with Affliction and will be fighting some guy named Rafaello “Tractor” Oliveira on August 1st.

Personally, I’m about as sick as a Croation with salmonella poisoning of seeing big names taking on no names. When will fight promoters learn that it takes two to tango, and a fight between Gomi and some guy is about as intruiging as a block of wood? Would I say no Gomi would be preferable to Gomi fighting an outmatched kid? I would considering Affliction needs to stop hemorrhaging money if they plan on sticking around and throwing more events.

As for Oliveira, pretty much all we have to go on is his 8-1 record, which sounds impressive till you start looking at the records of the guys he’s beaten … 12-11, 3-6, 7-6, and wins over the like of ‘Fabio Fabio’ and ‘Big Big’. The only decent guy he fought (Lyle ‘Fancy Pants’ Beerbohm), and while he looked decent in that fight, he didn’t show off anything special (other than possibly hemophilia).

I’m not about to say Oliveira has no chance against Gomi because who knows if Gomi has actually been training or if he’s just been sitting around doing whatever it is he does that makes his face get fatter and fatter. But it’s pretty clear to me that Oliveira represents the hardest opponent Gomi was willing to face, and I think that’s pathetic. Here’s hoping Gomi gets tooled just as badly as he did the last time he underestimated an opponent in America.