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Gomi to the UFC?

(Part one of Gomi v. Nakakura)

Remember when Takanori Gomi was a staple on everyone’s pound-for-pound list? “The Fireball Kid” ran through more PRIDE lightweights in Japan during ’04 and ’05 than my grandmother did WWII vets in the American Legion broom closet during last year’s Christmas party. While he has definitely had his share of setbacks, Gomi isn’t done yet (and neither is grandma – I have the “>video to prove it). At Shooto Final Tradition this past Sunday in Tokyo, Gomi knocked out the very tough Takashi Nakakura to make himself relevant once again.

When asked after the victory what he sees himself doing next, he had this to say:

I’d like to relax for a little bit, and if I continue fighting, I’d like to test the waters overseas.

Gomi has an obvious rematch waiting for him in the form of current champ B.J. Penn. He would likely have to win a few fights in before getting a crack at the belt. Would he suffer a similar fate as Cro Cop or Wanderlei after signing a Zuffa contract? Or would his efforts yield results more akin to what Rampage or Anderson Silva have done? In any case, if Gomi does end up in the Octagon sometime soon, Kenny Florian has the power to make a Penn vs. Gomi rematch happen sooner rather than later if he can take the belt from the champ. Both guys would be coming off of losses but you know you would still salivate while watching that one.

Part two of the Nakakura fight after the jump.