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Gomi signed by UFC; Lightweights now in peril

(Left: Back when he was boring.)

Business is about to pick up – Takanori Gomi is stepping into the Octogon, so says MMA Fighting via Bloody Elbow:

[Takanori Gomi] signed a multi-fight contract with the UFC….No word on when and where Gomi will make his debut for the UFC. The organization has yet to officially announce the signing.

YES. This is news a lot of fans have been waiting for since the fall of PRIDE. Takanori Gomi, the Lightweight with the best resume in the sport’s history, is on his way to ‘Murrica to kick in frames and take more names. The MMA world better be cheery-till-their-lungs-turn-blue for the fact that one of the world’s best fighters won’t be wasting his time fighting mostly scrubs anymore.

All the kids better start working on their stand-up because it’s the only way they’re gonna beat Gomi. The guy is custom made for the UFC’s type of Lightweights – you can’t outwrestle or knock him out. Maybe catch him in a sub if you’re among the greatest grapplers on the planet, but he’d first have to take you down. Let’s see Gray Maynard or Clay Guida try to pull some lay-and-pray on Gomi, or, even worse, Griffin or Edgar try to box him. You’re a wrestler who wants to throw punches? Your face will “>get caved in. You’re a puncher who can’t wrestle? Caved in face. I’ll go ahead and call it right now: the only guys who will give Gomi any trouble are Sean Sherk and Jeremy Stephens. *EDIT* And BJ would put his head on a post again.

(On a side note: Kazuo Misaki and Fedor are now the only remaining PRIDE Grand Prix winners / belt holders who haven’t fought in the UFC. Chumps.)