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Gomi shuts people up

So I logged into my MMA Playground account right now to see this:

(Shout out to Wig – maybe you can beat me next time, buddy.)

Well well well, looks like someone actually predicted Gomi would put a cranium crusher on Tyson Griffin way back on New Years. Us enlightened folks can now enjoy all this mad fake-cash (that I’m promptly placing on Roy Nelson).

You see, this just makes more victims of the nihilistic viewpoint fans of MMA have. ‘Gomi lost to Kenny Florian? Might as well phone up Jason Thacker and tell him he’s no longer the worst fighter ever.’ Here’s some words of wisdom that people oughta heed: FIGHTERS LOSE. Yes, all of them. There isn’t one guy in MMA that won’t eventually taste defeat. Heck, sometimes they’ll even lose more than once. Imagine that.

So get over it. There’s no need to have pre-written obituaries to fighters’ careers, because nobody is ever as close to being as garbage of a fighter as people make them out to be. In fact, they aren’t even close. People looked half-retard when they said Shogun should just retire after losing to Forrest Griffin, and look what happened there – guy slayed The Dragon and took the 205 belt. And now people made the same mistake with Gomi. Even worse is the fact that Kenny Florian is closer to the top than Forrest was!!

See what “>the point is here? If I had a nickel for every time I read a ‘Gomi might as well retire’ article in my Google Reader last week, I’d be making money in a very odd way. Enough with the eulogy of guys just because they hit a rough patch. If not for the logic of it, do it to keep yourself from looking stupid.

(And now posting this sidetracked me enough that I’ll now forget to make my MMA Playground picks for the next four months of cards.)