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Gomi returns to Shooto

Possibly sick of getting embarrassed on the slightly larger Sengoku scale, Takanori Gomi (once considered by many to be the bestest lightweight fighter in the solar system) is returning to Shooto to fight their champion:

Former champion Takanori Gomi will return to Shooto and it is going to take on the current champion Takashi Nakakura in what should be an awesome fight. Gomi is coming off 2 straight losses and will be eager to get back on the winning track. It is 6 years since Gomi fought in Shooto, that time he lost a decision to the current DREAM champion Joachim Hansen. Nakakura on the other hand, is on a 5 fight winning streak and has not lost since August 2005 when he fought Mitsuhiro Ishida.

I only started following Japanese MMA closely AFTER the shine had already come off Gomi, so I don’t really know what to expect. Will he rise to the occasion and kick some ass? Or is he so disinterested in the fight scene now that he’ll just go through the movements and win or lose a close uninspired decision? Whether he wins or loses doesn’t really factor into the outcome of this … Gomi needs to do more than just put an X in the win column. He needs to prove that he’s still one of the best, and I just don’t think he’s kept up with the sport.