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Gomi, HERO’s, and the UFC

Man, them japanesers are tricky people. They have 1001 ways to say yes when they mean no and no when they mean yes. Case point – this little snippit of info regarding Takanori Gomi, with Dana White straight talking and Takanori throwing riddles like the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland:

In other news concerning the Gomi and Hero’s rumors, has reported that Dana White said in GONKAKU that: “I like Gomi as well as Mach Sakurai, KID Yamamoto. But the negotiations between UFC and Gomi have not been well.”

They also report that in Kakutogi Tsushin (another magazine in Japan) Gomi said: “There is no reason I will never fight at HERO’S.”

So wait. Does that mean he won’t not fight at HERO’s? That he may not not be willing to not fight for them? Right now it doesn’t look like Gomi is not being against being ready to challenge fighters! He won’t not fight some of the best fighters that may possibly be in that promotion he isn’t not ready to fight for. I’m glad he’s so positive about his willingness to agree that he could be ready to never fight for them if he would!

Goddamn it. At least Dana White throws answers out like a magic 8-ball. Of course lately he’s been as accurate as one too. Will the UFC be on HBO? Signs point to yes! Will things ever work out with PRIDE? Cannot predict now.. Wait … ask again later! Will the UFC sign Fedor? You may rely on it. Goddamn you magic Dana 8-ball. You suck dick.

  • Miguel Sanchez says:

    fuck you fightlinker, so your saying that you might not possibly think about trying to, but probably wouldn’t not suck your own dick? No seriously man, it has nothing to do with the japanese language, I’ve trained in Japan and I’m very fluent in Japanese.. Its the fucking translators they fuck everything up.. put a not in a sentence makes a fucking differents.. I’ve met Gomi, he’s the most unfront guy I’ve ever talked to…

    He’ll be in the UFC, just let Dana White finish sucking the rest of the steroids from Sean Sherks dick and then he’ll strip him of the title and setup an interm title for BJ and whoever, then when BJ wins and stuff… Gomi wants a rematch with BJ..

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Would Gomi v Mr Sparkle have any appeal to the American fan base?

  • Jonathan says:

    I thought that the consensus was that Gomi was going to Hero’s. Didn’t you see the pic of him and KID Yamamoto at the Beach Wrestling Tournament?

  • Miguel, I sense some anger issues.

  • Miguel Sanchez says:

    Oh I’m not angry… I just like pissing on your fucking shoes. Do you like me pissing on your shoes?