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Golden Boy’s duties revealed

I figured that the whole Larry Merchant thing would raise enough questions about the Golden Boy / Affliction partnership that we’d eventually get all the details on who did what. And now here we are:

[Affliction] in turn, he said, would then cover all expenses, including paying the purses of the fighters and marketing the event. Golden Boy’s end of the deal, Schaefer said, would be to run the operational side of things and arrange for licensing, handle the fighters’ medicals, book the venues and deal with the relevant state athletic commissions. Affliction Entertainment does not have a promoter’s license.

Golden Boy also promised to make De La Hoya available to help market and promote the events.

“I booked [the Honda Center] for Jan. 24 and took care of the pay-per-view,” Schaefer said. “A month or a month-and-a-half later is when we began to discuss Margarito-Mosley. The only date HBO could do it was Jan. 24, but at first, I was not worried because it was going to be in Vegas and the Affliction show would be in Orange County. But then we decided to put the boxing match in Los Angeles and you can imagine that the Affliction people, who had put up all the money and were taking a risk on the pay-per-view and taking a risk on the gate, weren’t too happy.

“Do you think they were excited? Frankly, they were ticked off. We had committed to them that Oscar would help them to promote the show and that’s what we did. Oscar was there every step of the way trying to help market that show, but to say Oscar was paid even one penny would be wrong.”

So basically Golden Boy provided their promoter’s license and probably wrangled Affliction a slightly better cut of the PPV buys. Ya know, it’s too bad Affliction tried to present this to us as a partnership that would change the world. It’s pretty smart to get Golden Boy involved at all, but in trying to make the relationshipo look bigger than it was, the whole thing kinda backfired on them, didn’t it?