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Golden Boy won’t cheat on Boxing

About the only thing worth noting from this weekend’s De La Hoya squash match was the fact that Affliction was prominently featured in the ring and arena, prompting a lot of people to question whether Golden Boy and the clothing company had truly parted ways on a proposed MMA promotion. Well, don’t believe me … believe Oscar, who made a statement during a recent press conference that we MMA fans (wrapped in our cocoon of boxing hatred) never heard about:

“We decided that we are going to focus all our energies on promoting boxing,” said De La Hoya at a recent press conference. “Boxing is the game that we have to focus on because there’s so much room for growth and the potential is enormous. We definitely want to capitalize on that and have all our focus and energy be on taking boxing to another level.”

For some reason, this news makes me happy. I’m about as fed up as can be with companies that have no experience organizing MMA shows hopping on board and giving things a shot. Usually it just takes them months and months to organize a single poorly executed event which ties up fighters that would otherwise be considering contracts with other organizations.

Am I the only one who’s happy with having two or three major promotions in the US and a few in Japan? That seems like a good number … it provides enough content to keep the ball rolling but not enough to over saturate the market. Fighters are more likely to get fair value since they actually have a few options, but the market won’t devolve into bidding wars because you’ve got semi-stable companies trying to make things work, not new companies willing to blow their loads trying to get a toehold in the scene.

The whole Affliction promotion looks to me like a company that has more dollars than sense. Word is they’re looking at a 6 million dollar price tag just on the talent for their first event (if it even gets off the ground), and while I’ll happily watch their product, I’ll still wonder about it’s effect on the health of the overall MMA scene. The majority of fighters on the card are guys who have priced themselves out of the range of fiscally responsible promotions, and it can’t be good to actually encourage that kind of behavior.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Now I see why people are so excited by the idea of Fedor vs. Randy: two men, at the top of the game, answering the only question that matters: to whom is money more important.

    In unrelated news Trent Reznor released an album “The Slip” today for free on the Internet because he likes his fans so much. When reached for comment, Randy said, “What? Why?” Fedor could not be reached as he was busy playing patty-cake with his Sambo buddies.

  • Yeah, but Trent’s new album sounds exactly the same as his past 3. I miss the alcoholic drug addicted Trent :-(

  • sarah says:

    1. i watched the de la hoya match this weekend, after admittedly not watching boxing for a long while. i got surprisingly frustrated that they weren’t kicking each other or taking each other down. i claim to still like boxing but… yawn.

    2. i’m not happy with just a few big MMA promotions in the US and Japan. when you have so few, it seems that the fighters are the ones who are hurt because the companies don’t have to pay competitively or offer them non-shitty health plans. competition never hurt anything – and i think having a few more viable options for fighters will make the entire market healthier for everyone, especially fighters who get unfairly blacklisted from the UFC. i agree that some of the newer promotions are going about everything in the wrong way, but i think these things take time – look how far we’ve come in the last ten years.

  • JackalAss says:

    “Boxing is the game that we have to focus on because there’s so much room for growth and the potential is enormous. We definitely want to capitalize on that and have all our focus and energy be on taking boxing to another level.”
    – WTF? are you fucking kidding me oscar weiner? What’re they gonna do? Expand into the untapped markets of mexico? Oh, scratch that…..France? Patagonia?

  • kentyman says:

    One word, JackalAss:


  • I actually asked Oscar about all the hoopla about the Affliction deal that went bust, and he never had a problem with Affliction itself. I put together a blog about the whole thing. I think my one question on the conference call inspired the longest discussion of all:

  • Damn dunno how i missed that, I keep a close eye on yer site via RSS. Figure i blanked with all the other Oscar articles floating around :-p

  • chuck says:

    hey AEG just bought shares in golden boy. with 27,000 fans watching. its a good deal.. richard shaefer and oscar have a good business plan. i think boxing would be in the golden age once again in the u.s. its sooo big in other countries exept the u.s. germany gets 3 million ppv with theyre shows.. england bought 2 million ppv with the hatton fight.philipines and mexico are boxing hotbeds. room for growth indeed…