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Goldberg, Rogan, and GSP in your pocket

I dunno how long this stuff has been around, but I just noticed that the UFC is selling ringtones now. And boy, are some of them terrible. They’ve got all the obvious choices, like the music from TUF and the PPVs, and I will admit that there would be nothing more epic than having “Optimus Bellum Domitor” as your ringtone. But then they get into weird shit like quotes from Joe Rogan, GSP, and Mike Goldberg.

Why anyone would want to have Rogan talking about ‘satisfying victories’ while tucked deep in your pants pocket is beyond me. Ditto with GSP’s “Not Impressed with your Performance” schtick. And Goldberg ringtones? Come on now. If you’re gonna do a GSP ringtone, it should go like this: “Please, please! Answer your phone! Please!”