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This is going to suck

The things you do for friends…

This whole Addis Ababa thing this happening live at 10 AM in my time zone (hint: contains the nicest part of the country). As a result of my friend’s woman’s fervent desire to throw him a surprise birthday party, I’m driving about 70 miles from my home (and shedding a tear when I drive by the site of Jones v Vera – I know Mother Nature doesn’t abide by a calendar but SRSLY) to meet up at his house and catch the replay while imbibing… stuff. As such, I’m going to have to swear off the Internet from when I wake up to when I get back (though I might try to make it for the chat, the drunk me is a fickle creature) on Sunday. Modern Warfare II and I are on a break right now (I think losing all of your cool shit and the fact that my PS3 owning ass can’t download the new maps sucks big time), but we’ll have to pretend we’re other people during the daytime tomorrow.

With that, some more musings on this card:

* I’m putting together a BJJ DVD for my buddy (yes, I am in fact that broke) and I’m watching the Renzo Gracie biography ‘Legacy’. It’s fantastic, and while I’m not reversing my pick for tomorrow (today?), I’m rooting for Renzo to pull it off.
* Gracie leads Hughes 16-7-1 in Sherdog’s Pro Picks… still can’t do it. It’s Matt Hughes at 170. Plus, reading these pro picks, a lot of people would probably pick their 5th grade teacher over Matt Hughes based on sheer hatred.
* Rick Story is, like, every single person’s favorite guy that’s never really broken through. I’m interested to see if his power is all it’s cracked up to be.
* If Grove beats Munoz, I don’t want to see him babied anymore. Either rematch him with Cote after Belcher beats him (I’m so giddy for that fight I accidentally predicted it and sent it to Clint earlier), put him against part of the Maia/Marquardt/Sonnen triumvirate or GTFO. Maaaaybe Bisping if he wins his next fight. Maybe.
* Speaking of 185’s clusterfuck, does Vitor Belfort really come back to a title shot when he’s 0-0 at the weight class?
* I think Gray Maynard deserves a chance to get his ass kicked by BJ Penn. I hated this fight with Edgar not when it was announced, not because I hated it, but because it was a guy that lost to Maynard (and pretty damn decisively, if memory serves correctly) getting a title shot when Maynard was (is) still undefeated. It’s like everyone wants to see how far BJ can go at 170, since it’s already been firmly established that he ain’t taking the belt from Georges. I want to see how far he can keep this streak at 155 alive. That interests me more than ‘is Jon Fitch just too fucking big for BJ Penn?’ trivia night.
* Ditto for ‘is Anderson Silva too fucking big for GSP?’ and ‘is Brock Lesnar too fucking big for Anderson Silva?’ trivia night. They have weight classes for a reason, God damn it.
* When I’m 40, this is going to be remembered as the beginning of an era of pretty epic expansion for the sport of MMA. I know that watching seeds get planted isn’t terribly exciting, but the virgin eyes and ears that are going to be exposed because of the Abu Dhabi deal… there’s just no way to calculate what this international expansion will mean.
* I’m pretty sure, by this point, that you guys understand that radio is a dead format and we’re just never ever going to do it again. Ever. My Mass Media professor was totally right, and we’ve all chucked our microphones. Peacie wheats.