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God vs sports in Utah

Steve Cofield fills us in on the history of Sunday sporting events in Utah:

It’s so taboo for sporting events in Utah to be held on Sunday that BYU doesn’t play any of it games on the holy day. The school often gets special concessions from the NCAA when it comes to tournament play. With the Pac-10 looking for a 12th team, BYU will likely be passed over for Utah because of its refusal to play on Sundays.

“Our population doesn’t generally like going to sporting events on a Sunday. It’s worked for the (NBA’s Utah) Jazz with a couple of playoff games, but it’s not an ideal situation,” Colbert told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in a story headlined “UFC admits misstep, moves Sunday event out of Salt Lake City.”

Never one to pass up an opportunity to shit on Strikeforce even when it’s the UFC canceling a show, Dana White said tickets were “bad, real bad … It was like a Strikeforce event [in terms of ticket sales].” If you’re wondering exactly what that means, sales were sitting around 2500 tickets out of 11,800 sold according to the former event venue. Nothing some hardcore papering outside of church the day of the event couldn’t have fixed!