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“God Bless you, God”

That’s Brock Lesnar’s quote after he won. He thanked God for his body, his mind (it’s actually a bit of a letdown in that department buddy), and topped it off by blessing God. That’s ego, baby!

Now, unless you all collectively forgot, you just woke up this morning in a world where a former WWE wrestler is now in possession of the heavyweight belt. Did any of us really prepare mentally for such a development? I didn’t. Part of me is still in shock about the whole thing. But man, it’s hard to be upset when we’ve witnessed such a watershed moment.

There are lots of MMA purists that are worried that WWE fans are going to spill into the sport now that Brock is a champion (even if the belt is still technically in contention). I say so be it. The whole drama of the situation couldn’t be juicier; the fight between Big Nog and Frank Mir just got interesting, and every major sport site is going to be looking with anticipation who gets to take on the “superhuman” Lesnar. It means that in the highly unlikely event that Mir wins, someone other than his mother might actually give a shit.

So now I’m forced to respect Lesnar, which is a hard fucking pill to swallow. It’s actually more like a suppository, really. So lube up people, and get ready for a new day in MMA!