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Go big or go home

The UFC just announced that tickets for their April Skydome show will be going on sale February 12th, but the big question of how many will go on sale still hasn’t been decided on. I’m all for a big dick swinging number, if only so the UFC defeats the totally bullshit ‘attendance record’ that was (totally not) set by K-1 Dynamite!! USA. MMA Junkie has more:

The all-time record for attendance at a North American MMA event belongs to June 2007’s K-1 Dynamite!! USA card, which according to the California State Athletic Commission drew 42,757 fans to Los Angeles’ Memorial Coliseum. However, that event earned a live gate of just $2,545,590, and with just 3,674 tickets issued from outlets other than promoter FEG – not to mention the entrance of thousands of fans through non-turnstile gates – the exact attendance figure is often called into question.

Jesus Christ, MMA Junkie. I know you’re all impartial like a robot, but why not just call a spade a spade? K-1 ‘bought’ over 30,000 of it’s own tickets, paid nothing but the commission tax on them and basically scammed the attendance record number. Even after drowning LA in free tickets, they still couldn’t pull in over 20,000 people. The fact that anyone would ever bring up that shitshow as the record holder is an insult to reality and UFC 166’s 23,152 attendance – the real record holder.

Even though the UFC already holds the MMA attendance record, Toronto still deserves some big dick swinging. Why not gun for the current Skydome record, 68,237 paid fans for Wrestlemania 18? Yeah, yeah, I know. Dana wants to protect the integrity of the live show and the quality of the experience. But fuck that. Sell the shitty seats for ten bucks a pop and make a killing off throw-away binoculars.

  • Rodriguez says:

    I’m so pissed my friends backed out of going to that show. They were literally just standing in the street going “Who wants to watch fights?” and waving people into the LA Coliseum.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Then all your friends asked you if you want to jump off a bridge….