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GLAAD not impressed with Rampage and the UFC

It didn’t take long for GLAAD to get a hold of the homophobic remarks made by Quinton Jackson in last week’s LA Times article on him. As you may or may not remember, the piece is pretty heavy on anti-gay sentiment, and has Rampage calling acting gay and soft, Vancouver a ‘San Francisco type place’, and going off on an A-Team crewmember for calling him a homo. Here’s what the gays had to say about that:

Equating gay with soft is an antiquated stereotype. In an era where gay servicemen risk their lives daily, Jackson’s implication that being gay means you can’t be tough is particularly harmful. His comments serve to uphold sweeping generalizations about gay men and about the representation of masculinity.

In an era where those gay servicemen aren’t even allowed to admit they’re gay, isn’t there some sort of larger pressing issue going on right now that’s slightly more important than Quinton Rampage saying dumb shit? Trust me, he does that A LOT and it’s not limited to shallow ideas about homosexuality. Anyways, back to the GLAAD writeup. In an attempt to paint the entire UFC with a homophobic brush, they tie Jackson’s comments back to the comments Dana White made after he said ‘faggot’ on a youtube video:

Jackson’s comments conflict with the statement UFC President Dana White previously issued. When asked if a UFC fighter could be open about his sexual orientation, White said, “I honestly think it would have no impact whatsoever, with not only our fighters, but our fan base,” White said. “The guys in the UFC, everybody’s so cool, there’s great sportsmanship, everybody’s so respectful. It wouldn’t be a big deal to me, and most of the guys I know in this sport, it wouldn’t be a big deal to them either.”

I don’t know how that contradicts what Dana said. If GLAAD actually paid attention to more than just mainstream hit jobs, they would have been aware that the current TUF season’s early favorite to win was Nick Ring, a total gaylord.

Look at that stache. Ring couldn’t be more gay if he was munching on some manbutt in this picture. And he got through working, training, and living with everyone on the Ultimate Fighter just fine. If it wasn’t for a fucked up knee, he had a really good chance of being ‘the Ultimate Fighter’ (not the Ultimate Gay Fighter, which is something completely different).

So yeah, castigate Rampage Jackson for talking like an ignorant foo’, but let’s not create battles where there are none. The MMA world is full of homophobia, both casual like Rampage’s and more serious like in this case. But Dana White and the UFC as an organization doesn’t deserve to be implicated whenever one of their athletes say something is gay.