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Is Gina coming back?

What the fuck is going on with Gina Carano’s fighting career? Yeah, I know she’s working on that movie and all but she’s seriously dropped off the face of the MMA earth since giving ESPN some semi-naked goodness last October. Scott Coker has stuck to his “We’ll talk to her in a few months” line for the past twelve months, so relying on him for a realistic answer isn’t very helpful.

Some would say Gina’s hardcore ‘dump-us-like-a-lame-boyfriend’ attitude should give us a hint about her future. I don’t know if that’s what Randy Couture is basing his answer to the situation on, but his conclusion is about the same. Via Cagepotato:

In a Q&A session ahead of UFC 117 last weekend, Couture had this to say when asked about Gina’s fighting future:

“Gina just did a movie that’s going to be coming out soon. I haven’t seen her in the gym, haven’t talked to her in nine months,” Couture revealed. “I’m not sure where she’s at. I know the movie is going to be very big for her and I’d be very surprised to see her back in the cage.”

This puts me in the awkward position of wanting Gina Carano to fail at Hollywood so we can get her back into the cage where she belongs. Is that selfish of me? Yeah, but so was eating that little kid’s ice cream in the park today. Can I not be a little selfish when it comes to the face of women’s mma and stuffing my face with stolen dairy treats?