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Gina Carano’s Body Issue picture

ESPN is doing a special ‘body issue’, and because that’s not enough of a sex selling publicity stunt as it is, they’re also releasing it with six – yes, six – different covers. And while Gina Carano has basically shunned the MMA scene since getting pasted by Cris Cyborg, she did take the time to take off her clothes for one of them and thank God for that. I don’t know if her return to slick hotness has more to do with elite ESPN photoshop skillz or a new sexy-purposed training regiment for her upcoming Stephen Soderbergh spy movie, but whatever the reason I don’t care. Hellooooo nurse!

Those hoping for more sexy ESPN covers are going to be slightly disappointed: the only other women featured on the Body Issue covers are Serena Williams and amputee triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, both of whom landed their roles more for their athletic achievements than their hella sexy looks. You know me and my opinion of athletes getting by on looks rather than talent – I fucking hate it. But in this one case, I kinda thought that was the whole point. Ah well. How hard can I complain when we get a picture like the one above? I’m gonna buy that sucker when it comes out October 9th, scan the picture, and have it printed up poster size.