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Gina Carano still not with Strikeforce

So it looks like Strikeforce WAS talking out their asses when they implied that Gina Carano was pretty much a lock for their events. MMA Weekly talked to her over the weekend and also updated us on her situation:

In February, her move to Strikeforce seemed a mere formality when the San Jose promotion purchased her fight contract from the ailing ProElite. But according to several sources spoke to, she’ll have to be paid accordingly for her drawing power, and there’s no guarantee a new deal will be reached.

You may or may not remember that Gina Carano was making 15k to fight and 10k to win by EliteXC, which was 20 times less than Kimbo Slice made and even less than Benji Radach was being paid by the promotion. While I’m sure Scott Coker had some very nice dreams where Gina said “Sure, you can keep screwing me like that. And how about you screw me in my butt too?”, he must have known that wasn’t going to fly in real life.

So now we’re in a bit of a quandry. Strikeforce is gonna be offering way less money than Zuffa, who have made it very clear that they’ll take Gina if they can get her. But Strikeforce owns Gina’s contract, which probably means she’s either gotta take less money or sit out until the thing expires. I seem to remember Scott Coker trying to be the good guy by saying he wouldn’t ‘freeze’ fighters who didn’t want to fight for him, so maybe we’ll get to see if that was just words or not.