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Gina Carano represents kicking ass in the cage

Gina Carano takes a lot of shit from everyone for being overhyped by EliteXC, but thus far she hasn’t disappointed when she gets into the cage. I ragged on her for not repping women’s MMA past showing up to fight, but perhaps it had just been too long since I saw her in the cage.

Tonight watching her bang her way to a unanimous decision over Kelly Kobald, I realize that she really is a great ambassador for women’s MMA. She shows that women are fast, hard hitting, dynamic fighters. In short, she’s a very positive force for a cause that I care a lot about. Now if only she could hit weight without controversy, eh?

Speaking of that Gina mentioned tonight that she was considering moving up to 145 pounds. The problem there? EliteXC has no 145 pound division. I know EliteXC created their own bogus weightclasses back in the day to benefit several fighters, but will they pull a new class out of their ass for Gina alone? Or will she just move up to 150, which is where Cris Cyborg fought tonight anyways?

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC/CBS