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Gina Carano ‘just about’ signed with Strikeforce

When she’s not winning hotness awards and starring in abstract Pontiac promotions, Gina Carano apparently also fights from time to time. At the moment she’s still not signed to anyone, but since Strikeforce managed to get their hands on her old EliteXC contract, they get first dibs. And it looks like she’s going to go with them, according to Midsy:

When I asked Carano when she’ll fight again, she said, “It’s looking like August. I’m getting ready to sign the Strikeforce contract, so we’re going for August, I think. … I’m very certain it’s going to be very soon. Unless something crazy happens, it’s going to be very soon.”

Carano said she is satisfied with the way her contract talks have gone, and so is Strikeforce.

“I think we’re just about there,” Carano said. “I’m in Canada right now, so probably the week I get back. Everything is going pretty well so I think we’re just about there.”

Little did Midsy know she was sharing this information from my bed, as of course it only makes sense that the sexiest MMA blogger and MMA fighter are a power couple. Our tabloid name is Fina Larkano. It might not be as snappy as Brangelina, but I’m pretty sure it’ll catch on. It better, because we’re connected by the bond that lasts forever …  herpes.

Unfortunately, no amount of sweet whispers in Gina’s ear will make her divulge if she’s signing with Strikeforce because they have her by the theoretical balls with that old EliteXC contract or because Zuffa wants her to be a big fish in the WEC’s small pond rather than the UFC’s ocean.