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Gina Carano has an awesome agent

If you’re a disloyal motherfucker who reads other MMA blogs, you might have heard that Gina Carano is featured in a new Pepsi commercial that’s going to be played during the Superbowl. Well, here’s the video, and you can see her come in at 0:19 seconds. It looks like Pepsi is implying that Gina Carano is the Bruce Lee of our generation. Now don’t get too bent out of shape over that … after all, they also compared Bob Dylan and, one of the guys responsible for “My Humps”. So it’s not like they got much right about anything.

So just take this as another sign that MMA is getting hotter and hotter. I mean … holy shit! This is fucking Pepsi we’re talking about, and they’re advertising a FEMALE mixed martial artist during a freaking football game. I’m trying to stay all jaded and unimpressed with all this, but goddamn. First Budweiser, then Microsoft and now Pepsi. Who’s next?