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Gigantic head not included

Tito Ortiz has an awesome Halloween costume idea for you: go as him! That’s right, Punishment Athletics is selling a Tito Ortiz ‘costume pack’ that has everything you need to be the life of the party … that is if the party can afford to have you there, and if the party lasts long enough for you to arrive. Here’s the deets:

Be the hit of the party and knock everyone out with your TITO ORTIZ halloween costume.

Costume includes:
Original black flame shorts, Tito Ortiz UFC 84 after fight shirt, Titos trademark yellow beanie, Punishment black socks, 2 new Punishment wrist bands

Fight gloves not included.

Costume available in sizes: S-2XL

retail value: $125.00

Your Cost: $59.99 What a deal!

Savings of over 50%

Ships out priority mail within 24 hours of order. SO ORDER NOW!

My personal favorite part of the outfit is those socks … very grandpa. Thanks to MMA Eruption for bringing this gem to our attention!