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Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich

I am torn. There’s a side of me that feels ripped off about how the Paulo Filho fight turned out. The first fight was pretty awesome, so I was ready for a redux. So the fact that the fight turned out to be a total lame terrible boring retarded debacle of a fight leaves me not so happy.

But then there’s another side of me that can’t help but step back and say “Goddamn, that was so fucked up it was practically epic.” Like … not quite Kalib Starnes / Nate Quarry fucked up. Not quite Anderson Silva / Patrick Cote fucked up. But I would put it up in slot number three on my top 3 list of fucked up fights this year.

Here’s what happened: Paulo Filho looked listless, off balance, and sans heart. Sonnen looked slow, cautious, and non-commital. Put them together and you have a match that was so devoid of anything interesting that the entire crowd chanted “Bullshit” for a good 30 seconds. The first round saw Filho on his back as Sonnen hovered above, not doing much other than keeping the fight from being restarted. The second and third featured Sonnen circling Filho on his feet, jabbing at him and basically pointing up.

The strategy paid off in that Sonnen won the fight 30-27 on all judges’ cards. But as far as how many fans Sonnen won tonight … I’d say he probably made minus several thousand. As for Paul Filho … damn. Coming in overweight and shuffling around the cage like you couldn’t give less of a shit…. It’s hard to imagine what’s gonna happen with him. Considering everything that’s happened, I don’t think his head in anywhere near where it needs to be to fight in the big leagues.