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Get your mailbag questions in!

It’s been far too long since Jake and I have done a mailbag show. Post yer MMA and Fightlinker related questions in this thread by 3pm EST and we’ll make sure to answer them all in this week’s Low Blow!

  • G Funk says:

    When is Jake coming back to the audio show full time? I haven’t been listening with Subo(he sucks)

    Will we ever have the privilege of a ‘my forums’ tab again?

  • the mocker says:

    All past incidents aside, based on both fighter performances against Big Foot who do you think would win in a match up with Mike Kyle vs Fedor? Also why didn’t you guys answer my questions from the december mailbag?(oh and I would have picked Brock for zombie time because of his gun collection)Do you think Rich Franklin vs Tito Ortiz would be a good match up since Tito was supposed to fight Chuck?

    *Why can’t I upload new pics or add stuff to my profile here? I can’t even find it anymore.

  • subo says:

    If you had the opportunity to kick Okami in the nuts AND have Silva/GSP, would you boot that poor, poor man in the change purse?

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Now that jake has gone all john lennon will you have a chance to travel the counrty, US not beaverland? Would be easier for jackals to baby ist one canadian than two. I’m sure I could scrape together a few bucks for some food and clear off my couch. California bro… land of milk and mexicans.

    Now that Fedor and his brother have both lost who is the current can crushing champion?


  • subo says:

    Should Chad Griggs call out Herschel Walker, seeing as how Chad is the guy that beats the people Strikeforce feeds fighters to?

  • drewster55 says:

    1) who is kenflo kidding – 145 is really fucking skinny – do you see him having anymore success at featherweight or will it be more choking in the big fights

    also do you think he is going to lend some big name credibility to a division filled with unknown fighters (atleast to the fair weather mma fan)

    2) When BJ gets his ass kicked next weekend, what then? if he loses will it be retirement – that seems to be the popular choice these days, according to some mma writers

    3) i think im going to make some money betting on rivera (at +275) over bisping, he is a bad britsh fighter, he should not be the face of mma coming out of the UK, ive hated him ever since he imitated hamil on TUF, making fun of the deaf, that is pathetic and gutless – kick his jorge and make me some money

    i also am having trouble logging into TGA – and i cant email you guys to solve the problem – can you guys help me out – i had the password reset, but no dice.


  • Makinal says:

    1) Do you think Gilbert melendez is smoking pot too? he says he’s the nº1 lightweight in the world…

    2) you should know the spanish broadcast of ufc ppvs sucks hairy balls, here in Chile we can see the ppv a week later in cable, and the mexican guys are unbearable, y have nothing against mexicans but the ufc should know here in southamerica we dont speak like mexicans in general we hate mexican slang

    3) Do you agree that the who’s a real mma fan discussion is totally irrelevant, mma sites are full of cunts, who cares since when are you following the sport as long as you do follow

    4) greetings from Chile

  • McBayne says:

    Who the hell could Carwin be fighting at 131?  I’ve exhausted out ideas on who TBA is.

    Which PRIDE star is most likely to pull out a W and save their career.  Lil Nog over Phil Davis, or Cro Cop over Schaub?  

    Is Jorge Santiago’s return worth getting excited over?

    Did Jake bang any Dominicans on his trip?  Did the locals give him a nickname to mock his whiteness and/or baldness?

  • Zurich says:

    Why is your new server being blocked under PeerGuardian’s ‘AdWare/SpyWare’ blacklist?

  • McBayne says:

    Have you guys heard Subo & Snowden’s podcast?  If you were one of those 4, what’d you guys think? 

  • Rodriguez says:

    What happened to getting Cody MacKenzie on the show? Does he know what this place is actually about or did he just think “hmm Nice drawing”?


    McBayne: Per Jordan Breen, Carwin is scheduled to fight Kongo, but it’s not announced just in case they need him to replace someone in the Lesnar/dos Santos fight.

  • drewster55 says:

    if god created everything from “nothing”, why did he make eve out of adams rib – did he run out of the “nothing” he made everything else out of


    oops wrong site

  • Letibleu says:

    If Jake bangs local girls, I know one chick that would NOT be happy (unless she was participating).


    1) Can you lick your elbow and if you already know the answer, did you find out by trying? (Imagine all the listeners trying to do this simultaneously)

    2) Do you think Tito want to fight because he actually thinks he is still relevant?

    3) This is my favorite one: If the Brazilian tam tam player (Thiago Silva) is confirmed to have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, should the UFC bring back Brandon Vera for one more chance? Would Brandon Vera’s shittiness benefit from performance enhancing drugs?

    4) Gandhi vs Nelson Mandela, who would win a fight to the death without weapons if they were both in their prime.

    5) What are your views on people that wear 2 watches at the same time like Michael Schiavello bellow? Is there a purpose with todays available technology?

    This is from Titan FC 16 in Kansas City January 28 2011

  • chim55 says:

    hey yall.

    1) Bit of a hypothetical conspiracy theory question here. I realise the following was nt actually the case in this instance, but go with me here.
    Do you think with Tito getting injured, that Zuffa may have put everyone off anouncing it for a week or so in order to maximise ticket sales before taking him off the card? Although this aint moral, is it even legal? (if that did in fact happen, ..which it did nt)

    2) Also, on the conspiracy tip, how super super convieniant did Cains and Rashads injuries look for Zuffa just a few weeks back. If 3months back, you had to sit back and book out a pro wrestling style plan to maximise PPV buys for the year, the way things worked out is actually perfect! (or it was gonna be before they pulled Rashad and Rampage 2 off the table)

    First Cain goes down and that means they gonna do Brock vs Junior after TUF, then winner fights Cain. This is gonna totall maximise buys whatever way it works. Brock goes from havin no direction, to being back in the thck of it.

    Jon Jones who is massive popular right now steps in for Rashad whi aint selling too good with Shogun, and tickets start flying out the door. And then (or so we thought) Rashad was being paired with his nemises who would prolly draw another million.

    So that a lot of mispelled words, what dyu make of that?

    OHHHHH all you fuckers that give Subo hell, FUCK YALL, Subo speaks the truth, and is nearly right all the time.

    Is Overeem the most gormandised with steroids man on the planet? yuu huu!!!

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    If Jones wins the title will he become the Lebron James (i know you guys don’t delve into sports outside of human cockfighting and canadaball/hockey but bear with me) of mma and if Shogun hands Bones his first legit defeat will he make a case for being the second best LHW of the generation after Chuck due to his success in both Pride (winning the middleweight tourny) and UFC (ending the brutal Machida era).


    GSP is damn near the perfect fighter at 170 pounds, what will he gain and lose if he goes up to 185 in terms of athletic output. With the added muscle mass will he still fare well against larger opponents or will he have cardio issues fighting larger stronger but less talented fighters? Will he go for a more dynamic offensive style to overwhelm his opponents or stick to a more conservative and risk averse style.


    Will Fedor stay retired or will M1 begin to wring him out for all he is worth?


    I enjoy the Subo shows and any other show that can be done on a regular basis, are you looking into getting any other guest in line for weekly shows?


    Book update

  • hass100 says:

    If gsp beats shields and silva beats george do you think silva will go after the light heavyweight title to solidify his place at the top?

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Are we really in the golden age of ufc heavyweights when two injuries from Cain and Carwin can bring the division to a halt.


    Is it weird that Subo makes better arguements when talking to other people than when he actually writes them out?


    Do you think Marvel/disney and DC/warner bros are scraping the bottom of the barrel when they are making Thor and Green Lantern films. Not casting Ryan Reynolds as the Flash seems like a huge mistake to me. As pure characters both of these guys are uninteresting as fuck, but has Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man proved that all you need is a super charasmatic scene stealer as the lead character  to = box office success?

  • First National Dank says:

    How jealous of Urijah Faber are you after that video with him and Natasha *Swoon* Whicks prancing around half-naked?


  • First National Dank says:

    How jealous of Urijah Faber are you after that video with him and Natasha *Swoon* Whicks prancing around half-naked?


  • First National Dank says:

    How jealous of Urijah Faber are you after that video with him and Natasha *Swoon* Whicks prancing around half-naked?


  • Capt.Shank says:

    Sakakibara, Vadim Finkelstein, Gary Shaw. Satan has come and told you you have to pick one to be your new boss on this site. But ontop of them being new your new boss for

    Sakakibara: need to have a Yakuza initiation kill of some poor farmer not paying his bag of rice.

    Vadim: Be naked bath boy for Fedor and beat him with birch twigs

    Gary Shaw: You have to plug Jared Shaw’s new rap promo’s on every podcast.


    Pick your new head of the site and why

  • Makinal says:

    name 10 people for the mma hall of fame. just retired fighters

  • glassjawsh says:

    why is fl brokt when i use chrome?

    even though the fight everyone wants to see is gsp/silva, what would you guys think of a GSP v Chael Sonnen matchup? Chael’s insane wrestling ability would give GSP fits and his dickish persona and complete divorce from reality would probably lead to one of the biggest good guy v bad guy build ups in the history of sports (and it wouldnt feel quite as forced as GSP v Koscheck)

    are you still going to try and pony up the cash to get the worst seat in the Rogers Centre/Sky Dome/Hippdrome?

  • CAP says:

    Does Fedor fight again and if so how many fights do you think he will take. I think he wants to retire but M-1 looks like they want to ride him into the ground along with his legacy. It’s God’s will apparently.

    I do see him taking a Werdum rematch after Alistair handles him. And actually looking forward to Bigfoot/Reem.

    With the idiotic statements from Fedors camp following his loss, is this what Dana meant by “crazy russians”? Or is this crazy talk new ground even by their standards?

    Is BJ or Fitch really up next at WW or will they be “in the mix” after they sell this ppv?

    Does Subo even know his girlfriends name or does he just keep calling her “Ceronne’s Sister”?

    Ryan, go fly a kite. Seriously.

  • Omomatta says:

    Ryan……why do you feel the need to bring on a co-host like Jake or (sigh) Subo when you could do a much better job on your own? You’re pretty much like that hot chick that has to have that nasty fucking fat ugly bitch always hanging around. CUT THE FAT!!!!……or at least bring in someone that isn’t fucking smug or three quarters retarded.

    Chim55 may have asked this………but the paragraph he wrote confused the fuck out of me. Knee jerk reaction………..who wins……….Jones or Rua?

  • loves2spooge says:

    Why am I a sexist asshole if I’m not interested in watching women fight in cages but you guys aren’t for putting up half-naked pictures of them on your Spank Tank and referring to them as the “queen of boners?”

  • shillyer says:

    Wich champions (of any wieght division) would you fight it they had both arms tied behind their back?

    Same question but hands and feet tied but they get to headbut.

  • Predator8u says:

    Jake what are you doing in Dominican Republic of all places? What province do you live in?  According to its Wiki BASEBALL is Thier Favorite sport WTFx2!

    Jake you ever go scuba diving? and since we’ve known each other such a long time, could I come visit sometime? We’ll go scuba diving and GODBASH!:)

     How can I get old Happy hour shows?


  • Remco Pardoel says:

    I remember back in the old days, Ryan was traning UFC, but his ass kept bleeding.

    1, Was this an actual medical condition, or was he training at the gym?

    2. If it was a legit medical condition, is he okay now?

    3. Are there any plans to return to training?

    4. Are there any more crazy bets in the future? The grape pic, while massively disturbing, made me laugh, as did the pukey bet.

    One of the best things about this site used to be the WTF nature of the place. I still enjoy coming here, but the crazy seems to be gone. BRING BACK THE CRAZY, please?(had to make it in the form of a question)

  • iamphoenix says:

    i was told i was too crazy. how does that make you feel ryan? how does it feel!!!

    last time you didn’t answer my question so i said fuck it this time i’m not going to ask a question, i just want you to read this:

    taint flavored cocoa puffs is my favorite cereal. number 2 is lucky charms with phlegm. i murdered a hooker over the weekend and i forgot his name. the sex was great, anal sex that is. in my ass.

    thank you and happy labor day.

  • Redping says:

    What do you think happens in Rumble/Hardy, and Couture/Machida?

  • agentsmith says:

    So I guess no one’s going to ask WTF happened to the shows last week?

  • Omomatta says:

    This is Ryan we’re talking about. He probably just said fuck it, I don’t feel like it.

  • CAP says:

    Jake needz more internetz!

  • chim55 says:

    i think Jake (or Ryan I dont know who is who, they dont do enough content to differentiate!! ooohhh snap! Only one I know is actually Subo!!!) was down in the Dominican Republic working with the Secret Service, or special forces, whoever it was, trying to get Jardine and co. their money from that dodgy promoter.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    I know some of you guys get butthurt over the subo hosted podcast, but I just want to hear the goddamn shows and if Jake cant get his coconut powered computer to skype up than Ryan needs a new guest simple as that.

  • Makinal says:

    do you now if any of the ufc fighters are atheist? if so, whom?

  • G Funk says:

    I’ll wait for Jake…

  • frickshun says:

    Ryan–>how does it feel to lead the league in empty promises?

  • CAP says:

    This must be talking about next weeks podcast. my bad.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    waiting for jake hosted podcast makes as much sense as waiting until marriage to go raw with your girl.

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ marriage? sometimes i don;t even wait long enough to know their name

  • Omomatta says:

    Let me just throw in a preemptive apology from Ryan:

    Sorry to all my jackals for not having a show last week. Everything was planned and (Insert some random bogus excuse here) happened and things just didn’t work out as expected. I promise that next week I’ll do four shows (Read: one) and add lots of new content (Read: Approve all of Agentschmidt’s articles that have been sitting in purgatory for the last three weeks) to make up for it.


    ….or something like that.

  • chim55 says:

    wheres the show?

    yall should be grateful your gettin stuff for free.

    Unless your dumb enough to have paid.

  • G Funk says:

    Or jew enough that you didn’t…

    It’s pretty obvious that Jake isn’t the reason the show has not been posted. Ryan hasn’t even looked at the site in three days…

  • agentsmith says:

    Seriously, is Ryan dead?  Can someone call and check on him or something?

  • Omomatta says:

    It was probably just a mini heart attack or a home invasion or something. Nothing major. If he’s MIA for a month, then we’ll worry. We can always start organizing our coup now though.

  • glassjawsh says:

    ive been visiting this site for over 2 years and this isn’t even in the top 10 of ryan absences. im pretty sure he goes through some sort of chapped vageen stage every winter. nothing to see here

  • frickshun says:

    I HEARD FROM RYAN!! He’s run away to join the circus. Bear in mind he doesn’t actually have any tangible skill to offer them. So he’s accepted a position as elephant dung wrangler. GOOD LUCK RYAN!! Looks like you’ll be getting into all of the biggest venues for free now!!

  • Omomatta says:

    At least your tiny hands and scent of cabbage won’t make you feel out of place any more! Good for you buddy!!!!

  • iamphoenix says:

    maggie shot him.

  • frickshun says:


  • Omomatta says:

    Did you really have to go and fill my head with images of smacking her ass? Thanks Frick….no, really…..Thanks!

  • Omomatta says:


  • frickshun says:

    That was such a strange flick.

  • Omomatta says: