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Get ready for the “Wrath of Kang”

In case any of you missed it, Denis Kang is on an upswing. The typical jovial and hilarious Kang was sporting a permanent scowl these past few months after getting his ass choked by Mousasi and punched out by Akiyama. His complete domination of Marvin Eastman, however, seems to have gotten the carrot out of his ass, which in turn has allowed him to sign a new 4 fight deal with the UFC.

This is some good fucking news for once. Kang was one of the Pride fighters I was looking forward to seeing in the UFC. I had to settle for K-1 Heroes, which honestly bores the fuck out of me.

There’s speculation that he might be a serious contender to pit up against Anderson Silva. Although i’m still on the fence about whether or not Kang isn’t still sucking balls, it would be great to see Silva face a guy he hasn’t totally destroyed before (cuz really, who wants to see Silva v Cote 2?).

If the UFC wants to do this fight, they’ll have to move fast, since Kang isn’t slated to start fighting until early 2009. I’m curious as to how fast they’ll give him a fight with Silva, since the Brazilian doesn’t have a lot of time left on his contract. My guess is they’ll give Denis a strong contender like Marquard, and if he wins, a title shot. But what the fuck do i know?