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Get on the GSP war wagon in style

If you were at UFC 83 in Montreal, you’ve already experienced how cool it is when there are a few thousand people running around wearing GSP bonzai bandanas. Now you’ve got a chance to be in on the action this time: GSP’s manager has arranged to give out a ton of them on Friday and Saturday:

Calling all GSP fans going to the fight this weekend…we’ve got something special for you – a GSP-style bandana you can wear to the weigh-ins and fight and then keep for a souvenir (you can show your grandchildren some day and say you witnessed the biggest fight in MMA history – well, at least so far). And to say thanks for all the support you show Georges – they’re our GIFT to you.   Here’s how to pick them up: There will be a podium in front of ROK Vegas (inside New York, New York). Fans that are attending the weigh-ins/fight & want to wear a GSP headband can pick them up at there between 11am – 10pm on Friday and Saturday. I can’t wait to see (and hear) the sea of bandana-clad fans chanting “GSP, GSP” – it gives me goosebumps already!

Here’s a map showing where the ROK is. All you lucky fuckers that are in Vegas, you better make the most of this and pick one up! Oh, and grab one for your girlfriend that doesn’t really give a shit and send it to me. We’ll be best friends forever if you do!

*UPDATE* They’re giving away Georges St Pierre BANDANAS, not Georges St Pierre bananas. Those interested in GSP bananas, here you go: