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Georges talks UFC 2009

Georges St Pierre has another blog up talking about UFC 97, training for his fight with Alves, and his UFC Undisputed 2009 showdown with Dana White:

I’m not a big fan of video game – I never played UFC Undisputed before. But I used play back in the day…Mortal Combat and Street Fighter on the Super Nintendo, but this game is pretty different and much more improved than the one that I’ve played before. So I pick my character [me] and Dana picked BJ Penn, and as the fight goes on it’s pretty even. And at the end, maybe by some luck, I’m able to knock him out and win the match. Everybody is laughing and I’m the one who is the most surprised of all. And I look at Dana and I yell at him “Ha! That’s your first loss! And I made your first loss in Montreal in front of my people!”. And he look at me and he respond “Are you sure you’re not cheating? I think you put some Vaseline on my remote!”, and I laugh like crazy.