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Georges still mum on that whole Anderson Silva superfight thing

(If only NOS gave GSP the power to focus on more than one opponent at a time)

I imagine Georges St Pierre is about as sick of ‘What do you think about fighting Anderson Silva next’ questions as he was of ‘How is your knee’ questions. It’s something everyone is buzzing about, especially since Dana White has said both guys want the fight and if it happened, it’d be a Cowboys Stadium kinda superfight.

The only problem: it certainly doesn’t seem like Georges wants the fight. Every time he’s asked he manages to answer without answering. Like when asked what the biggest fight ever for him would be, he said…

“I would have liked to fight Jean-Claude Van Damme in ‘Bloodsport’,” St-Pierre said with a grin, imagining himself a role in the iconic ’80s martial arts film.

“That would have been my dream fight, in an MMA cage.”

Har har har that’s funny now seriously tell us you’re not about to duck this Anderson Silva superfight.

“When I fought Matt Serra, that’s where I learned focus is the main thing — on the present. I never make the same mistake twice,” said St-Pierre during a sit-down interview in a Montreal warehouse, as he took a break from a photo shoot for NOS. energy drinks. St-Pierre, who also endorses such A-list products as Under Armour, recently signed a deal with the Coca-Cola-owned product.

“I took lessons from (the Serra loss) and I came back stronger after,” added St-Pierre, who beat Serra for the title in a rematch in April 2008 and hasn’t lost since.

This whole ‘only focusing on my next opponent’ bullshit is the biggest crock ever. No one’s asking him to start focusing on Anderson, only that he clarify whether he’d be open to the fight or not. We’ve got reason to worry. He’s focused on the rest of the welterweight division before, saying he’s excited about the new landscape in front of him and the opportunities to fight a whole new batch of guys. But every time the conversation turns to Silva, ee don wan to tink about nothing but Carlos Condit, la.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    GSP is a puss.. just look at his newish fighting style. He turned into Machida on the ground after getting wrecked by Serra.

  • agentsmith says:

    I dunno, he came back and finished Hughes and the Serra rematch, so it seemed to be sometime after that.