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Georges St Pierre’s excuses are LAME


Stephan Patry has been on a roll lately, and not a good one. Between pissing off several major training camps and losing Georges St Pierre as a client, I have to wonder if he’ll be able to stay up at the top of the Canadian MMA scene. In a recent article on GSP’s upcoming bout against Josh Koscheck, Stephan had this to say:

“He didn’t train as much as he should, because he was too busy doing other things than training and fighting,” said Patry, choosing his words carefully.

“He won the title, he’s a kid, he was 25 years old,” Patry added, when pressed. “Let’s just say he partied a little bit too much.”

However, the same article those quotes come from are followed by this explanation from Georges:

His father was suffering from a brain ailment and his young cousin was in a coma.

“People were dying. I had to go to the hospital at night. I was sleeping like maybe two, three hours a night when I was training for that fight. I was sleeping with one eye open because I thought I had to go drive my father to hospital and stuff like that.

“I was very worried about a lot of things in my life. Not only this, I had a lot of other stuff going on.”

Stephan Paltry isn’t the only guy who’s not impressed with GSP’s oh so convenient family problems. Sam Caplan drops the hammer on Georges for all these excuses:

He’s changed his management. He’s changed his camp. And now he might be changing stories. It just feels as this guy is making nothing but excuses and is pointing the finger in any direction he can. Why can’t he just man up and say, “Serra beat me straight up. I’ve learned a lot from the loss and will do everything I can to get the title back.”

GSP has the talent of a champion but hasn’t been carrying himself like one. I’d like to see less talk and more action.

Poor Georges … the reason he gets shit on is because we expect better of him. When Phil Baroni power bombs a senior citizen through a buffet cart, barely anyone blinks. But when Georges St Pierre says his dad is dying, we all shit on him for making excuses. Are we like hardcore Asian parents who beat their kids for only getting a 98% on their exams? It’s always been clear that MMA fans are a bunch of fucking jackals who turn on fighters at the first sign of weakness, but this is getting silly. All my man-love for GSP aside, people have to give this guy a break.

Actually, no they don’t … he’ll prove himself at UFC74, and people will come back like the fairweather fans they are. Which kinda sucks, because I liked having all that extra legroom on the GSP bandwagon.

  • Wu Tang says:

    GSP is goin to rape that Go-sack guy! Go-sack is just a one trick poney, take downs and weap stand up. GSP is the total package, minus the weak chin. GSp worked to get wehre hes at, hard work! Go-sack won TUF, big whoop!

    I root for GSP, because hes a break dancer, as well as a fighter, so go fuck’em up for the fighters/dancers out there!

    PS: whats the update on the t-shirt? 😛

  • Luke says:

    “When Phil Baroni power bombs a senior citizen through a buffet cart, barely anyone blinks.”