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Georges St. Pierre thinks that marijuana is A-OK

Georges St. Pierre had a chat with Fight Day when he was over in Japan for UFC 144. In addition to declaring that he no longer considers himself the champion and that he can’t get enough of the Japanese poontang culture, he remarks in his quaint little Frenchie-poo accent that although he heard that Nick Diaz “took marijuana,” he doesn’t think that it provides any “performance en-chancement.” One thing that’s for sure is that it’s not as bad as a “stechhoid.”

When a professional fighter talks like a toddler, it’s oh so cute and endearing – as long as he’s never been knocked out. If accumulated punishment was the cause of him being one punch away from subtitles… not so much.

  • Giallo says:

    ribeet ribeet

  • noiseless says:

    damn junkie

  • Letibleu says:

    A french canadian would never say “stechhoid”. It would sound more like “staiwoyed”.

  • thingvolds says:

    lol. it’s so obvious lately that GSP is a Nick Diaz fan that it’s comical. he claims to “hate” Nick and says he wants to hurt him etc, but then is constantly supporting Nick and complimenting him.

    it’s ok to love Nick, Georges. we all do. why not liberate yourself and just publicly admit that you watch diaz vs gomi daily, subscribe to Nick’s youtube channel, and that you totally beat off to that vid of him rolling with rousey?