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Georges St Pierre gets put in his place

By now I’m sure most of you have heard what Anderson Silva’s manager said about the idea of a Silva / GSP fight:

“That’s sound great, I think GSP is an incredible fighter. But I think GSP needs to prove himself. He still hasn’t had a successful title defense (at 170 lbs.). I don’t really feel that he deserves (a Silva fight) yet. Go defend your title a few times and then we’ll talk.”

Harsh words, but they do ring true (if you ignore the fact that Silva’s next fight is against Patrick Cote). There’s still a decent amount of fights left for GSP at 170 before he should really start thinking of hopping around weight classes: Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves come to mind, and there’s also a number of guys on the cusp of contendership. Perhaps if Georges didn’t have a reputation for mentally choking, this wouldn’t be a debate. But he choked in his first fight against Matt Hughes and in his first title defense against Matt Serra. So it will take a while before he manages to build him up the kind of unbeatable mystique required to hype an Anderson Silva vs GSP match up to epic proportions.

Adam Morgan did have an interesting point though:

The fact of the matter is, Anderson Silva has been cleaning out the worst division in all of MMA while St. Pierre has been fighting and dominating in the toughest weight division in all of MMA. Not that I don’t think Silva is on St. Pierre’s level, he most certainly is, but to say that he’s not worthy of a fight against Silva is just downright silly.

Jake and I have talked about this on the radio show a decent amount, and it’s been echoed by others as well: Anderson Silva is so good, he makes the entire middleweight division look bad. While it’s certainly not as stacked top to bottom as the welterweight division, the competition Silva has defended his title against is second to none: Rich Franklin (twice), Dan Henderson, Nate Marquardt, and Travis Lutter are not easy fights by any stretch of the imagination.

Georges has the strange misfortune of having already cleared out his division during his quest for the welterweight title. Without a string of rematches, it’s going to be difficult for him to put together a championship reign that competes with Anderson Silva’s. But it’s still important for him to show that he has the mettle to hold the belt and defend it against all comers before skipping out to chase people in other divisions. Especially after what happened the first time he was champ.