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Georges St Pierre apparently wants to fight Anderson Silva

The will they / won’t they back and forth between Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre is hitting Ross and Rachel levels of anticipation, but at this point Andy might be sick of Georges playing so hard to get. He’s all yes yes yes while GSP is no no no, and the last we heard from Camp Silva was ‘Georges doesn’t seem to want it so we’re getting ready to move on.’ But not so fast! Now Georges’ coach Firas Zahabi is trying to keep the flames of passion alive:

Georges St-Pierre wants to meet Anderson Silva in a super-fight, according to his coach.

“He told me yes,” said Firas Zahabi. “But I think there’s a lot to be negotiated. I don’t know much more than that.”

Zahabi, however, says he gets more questions in Canada about GSP facing Nick Diaz than Silva, the current middleweight champion. In the U.S., the questions are about GSP-Silva, he said.

Questions that will be answered when Georges faces off with Nick next, as we’ll tell you more about soon. As for this Anderson Silva superfight, it’s nice to finally hear something from St Pierre’s camp that indicates he’s interested in the fight, even if it’s just a quick second hand comment and one that basically contradicts the majority of the shit we’ve been hearing for the past few months.

Maybe GSP is starting to realize the SS Superfight is sailing off into the horizon. The fact that everyone’s going ‘Good for GSP not being bullied into this fight with a larger opponent’ really just means ‘We think Anderson is too big / too good and he’d stomp Georges.’ All eyes are moving towards the Jones / Silva superfight, which could be ripe as soon as the end of 2013. And once that happens, the perfect time to make Andy / Georges happen will have passed.